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Our goal in founding Detraxi was to enhance organ preservation and cell culturing at room temperature and through cryopreservation. As our studies involving cells, tissues, and organs proceeded, it became clear that our patented technology had far broader applications and led us to develop novel therapies for the well-being of both humans and animals.


We have developed a proven universal solution that can be used to treat major blood loss at much lower risk levels than a blood transfusion or fluid replacement.

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Our next-generation solutions are currently in development and available for R&D purposes. They support rather than preserve tissues and organs for far longer than existing technologies at all temperatures, do not damage tissues, and do not need to be flushed prior to implantation.

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Our next-generation solutions hold cells, tissues, and organs for far longer than existing technologies without damaging cellular structure, ensuring improved levels of test accuracy.

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Our solutions fully support tissue engineering, cellular therapies, and the development of medical devices and artificial organs. They help to prevent cellular damage, provide support at all temperatures, and ensure high levels of viability.

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Our Products

We have developed a wide range of products ranging from cell to tissue preservation that work at room temperature and in cryopreservation.

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To learn about all the latest product updates and company announcements please make sure to visit our news section.

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